This first issue of the Tan Tao University Review (TTU-Review) is the continuity of Tan Tao University Publications (TTU-Pubs) published in 2011 when the first school year started. It means TTU-Review and TTU-Pubs try to maintain the high academic standard that TTU chooses to promote on the long-term basis. When I accepted the position as the Assistant Provost and Dean of the school of Economics and Business Administration this year, I proposed to Mme. Dang Hoang Yen, President and Provost that TTU has to resume its goal as above-mentioned. She considered my initiative and finally approved with valuable advices.

TTU-Review is slightly different with TTU-Pubs. It compiles not only the instructors’ articles but also students’ writings under his (her) patron’s supervision and guidance. In so doing, TTU-Review establishes the forum for the academic announcement and introduction of inventions, innovations, researches and the review of the latest development of academic works from different fields.

TTU-Review is published online and on the quarterly basis. For the first few issues, it would circulate internally in order to perfect the electronically operation and management. The managing staff is composed of the Chief Editor, Technical Editor, IT Manager and a Editing Council that includes Deans, Registrar, Department Chairs, Office Directors. Each contributor has to observe the Intellectual Property Laws and Regulations and be responsible for the academic standard for his (her) article. The copyright of the article will be discussed with each contributor before publishing.

I would appreciate Mme. President & Provost’s support and the contributions of instructors, lecturers, Registrar office and IT department. I’m looking forward to receiving more articles from all TTU schools for the coming issues.

Long An Province
Spring 2016

Dr. Michael Loc Pham, Esq
Chief Editor