Management and Society

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Francisco Tulop Roma, & Bernardo Jeffrey Ladao Morante. (2021). Management and Society. TTU Review, 2(1), 29-35.


Management existed as early as mankind. It has a biblical foundation and reference. It has been practiced for thousands of years and organized projects were directed by people responsible for planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Management theories and practices evolved in the past showing the evolving nature and character of management. Early management scholars and contributors recognized the existence of the three approaches of management which are classical approach, behavioural approach and integrative approach. This research article presents the evolving nature of management thoughts and practices from the early approaches of management to modern approaches to management. This in effect would give the much clearer understanding of hundreds of definition of management ranging from simple to complex. And that management is not only the process of getting things done effectively and efficiently, with and through people but it also has become a social institution. Hence, it cannot escape social issues.


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