Vol 1, No 4 (2018): TTU Review 4

Dear Readers: 

Tan Tao University Review (TTU Review) has been published three issues since it was launched, and due to some reasons, it has not been active for the past time. However, thanks to a drive for research in the TTU scientific community and great contributions from the faculty members, TTU Review has been recently rekindled, and the efforts bring a fruitful result of availability of TTU Review, Issue 4.

In this fourth issue published in early August 2018, instructors from all Schools submitted their articles to TTU Review. The TTU Review Board would like to appreciate all the instructors, particularly the instructors from School of Medicine for their great contributions. Notably, Prof. Thach Nguyen with his research group presented in the article, if the cavitation phenomenon is the mechanism for formation of plaques in coronary arteries, and the researchers suggested a new study protocol. Dr. Huyen Doan reviewed the most important aspects of the preoperative assessment and intraoperative procedure to identify complications of rhytidectomy or facelift surgery. Mr Ha Nguyen shared his experience in teaching English to medical students in Vietnam. Dr. Khanh Doan with a project funded by Vietnam National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED), presented a preliminary result of using Swiss Albino mouse strain for In Vivo pharmacological metabolic research. Prodigiously, Prof. Truong Le contributed many articles from his expertise to TTU Review.

Apart from Medical School’s contribution, this fourth issue also acknowledges great efforts of lecturers from other Schools, namely Dr. Truong Nguyen and Dr. Quang Ta from School of Biotechnology, Ms. Trang Nguyen and Ms. Anh Pham from School of Economics and Business Administration, Mr. Jonathan Lankford, Mr. Peter Huynh and Mr. Nhon Dang from School of Humanities & Languages. Besides, several other articles by other faculty members are in the pipeline, and will be made available for the subsequent issue.

Once again, TTU Review would like to thank you all the TTU faculty members for their fruitful scientific research activities by sharing their research studies and submitting the papers to TTU Review. The Review hopes to receive more of the support and contributions in the future.


Thank you so much!

TTU Review
























Vol 1, No 3: Third issuse

Dear Readers:

After encountering with quite a few technical, editing and academic obstacles, three issues of Tan Tao University (TTU) Review have been published. Especially, in the third issue, the articles of Medical School instructors are prominent with valuable scientific researches and reports. Editing staff acknowledges such contribution that creates the mo-zone (momentum zone) among Medical School instructors and triggers the instructors of other schools reserving more time for international scientific announcements and researches. In addition, under Deputy Dean, Dr. Thach Nguyen’s clerkship program guidance, more students involve in the international researches and reports.

In this issue, besides Medical School’s contributions, Dr. Dung Cao of Engineering School, Dr. Truong Nguyen of Biotechnology School, Mr. Nhon Dang of Humanity & Language School, Dr. Michael L. Pham of Business have also contributed to TTU-Review valuable articles. Especially, in this issue Mme. President’s article “Anatomage Table Laboratory Strategic Technology Plan” discusses thoroughly about the state of art medical equipment just procures for Medical School.

For the year-end 4th issue, TTU-Review plans to apply for ISBN that paves the way for its international-wide circulation. In 2017, TTU-Review will also ask Mme. President to grant an award to the article that attracts the most readers.

TTU-Review still has to improve two areas. Firstly, the design has to be more unique and presentable. Secondly, in the same time, the substance of articles would set the goal to reach national or international academic recognized standard for instructors’ inventions and/or innovations.

Thank you readers and colleagues.

Michael l. Pham
Chief Editor

Vol 1, No 2 (2016): Second issue



Second issue of the Tan Tao University Review (TTU-Review)



Vol 1, No 1 (2016): Debut issue

This first issue of the Tan Tao University Review (TTU-Review) is the continuity of Tan Tao University Publications (TTU-Pubs) published in 2011 when the first school year started. It means TTU-Review and TTU-Pubs try to maintain the high academic standard that TTU chooses to promote on the long-term basis. When I accepted the position as the Assistant Provost and Dean of the school of Economics and Business Administration this year, I proposed to Mme. Dang Hoang Yen, President and Provost that TTU has to resume its goal as above-mentioned. She considered my initiative and finally approved with valuable advices.
TTU-Review is slightly different with TTU-Pubs. It compiles not only the instructors’ articles but also students’ writings under his (her) patron’s supervision and guidance. In so doing, TTU-Review establishes the forum for the academic announcement and introduction of inventions, innovations, researches and the review of the latest development of academic works from different fields

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